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There is no shortage of recipes on the web.

You'll find recipes for seafood and various kinds of meat (including wild game); recipes for vegetables, salads, salsas, bread and every imaginable kind of dessert.

If you like, you can explore ethic, regional, or international recipes; or find a recipe for that special diet you find yourself on.

Do you need a recipe for an upcoming holiday or special occasion? It's on the net.

What You Need to Know

  1.  If you know the name of the recipe, enter that into the search engine (the word 'recipe' does not need to be entered).
  2. You may specify certain ingredients in the recipe, such as; 'chocolate chip cookies peanut butter.'
  3. You may specify a course, such as; 'appetizers, entree (main dish), or desserts.'
  4. You may specify certain types of recipes, such as; 'bread, pies, vegetables, roast beef, potatoes, etc.'
  5. You may enter an event or special occasion, such as; 'christmas, anniversary, or birthday.'
  6. Try to be as specific as possible in order to get the recipe you want.
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